August 22, 2023

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing, and it is causing worry for many people. A survey of 600 Canadians shows that many are concerned about how businesses are using AI, and some are even ready to switch to other brands that don't use this technology. You can find detailed results from the survey here.

As AI spreads, there is a growing challenge to build trust. However, businesses can address these concerns by emphasizing improvements in safety, service, and privacy, and by calling for industry standards for ethical AI usage.

The survey by Brand Aid Public Relations found that 40% of respondents have less trust in businesses using AI, with 49% feeling unsafe with their data. 25% to 36% would “definitely” switch brands if AI accessed their sensitive data, rising to 65% to 75% including those who would “possibly” switch.

Consumer confidence in AI is low, but here’s what businesses can do about it:

  1. Address concerns with clarity and transparency: When some companies introduced online tax preparation and cloud-based services, they faced consumer concerns about security and privacy. In response, they emphasized their commitment to security, created websites explaining their measures, and offered educational resources. Focusing on security, education, and clear communication can help build trust.
  2. Educate consumers to promote AI literacy: Creating websites with tutorials, fraud avoidance tips, and relevant information can help demystify AI. Providing easy-to-understand resources and educational materials can build confidence.
  3. Demonstrate effectiveness: Skepticism about AI effectiveness is not new. Companies can foster trust by promoting positive results, sharing successful examples, and using legitimate research.
  4. Advocate for industry-wide standards: Regulations like GDPR standardize data privacy and build confidence amid rising data breaches and privacy worries. Following these rules shows commitment to protecting data and helps win trust. Brands should support and follow industry standards to boost consumer trust in AI.

The challenge for businesses is not just to dispel fears but to show how AI can improve services and safeguard customer data. Transparent approaches that focus on security, education, and standards can turn skepticism into support. Past lessons offer a roadmap to trust in AI, creating a future where AI's use by brands is seen not as a threat but as a positive way forward.

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