Your Strategic Communications Consultant

Every business is unique, and so are its challenges. Brand Aid focuses on custom solutions that help to enhance your reputation and increase revenue. Whether you're navigating a crisis, looking to support a campaign or establishing a long-term communications strategy, Brand Aid is here to help.

Meet Bryan Tritt, Brand Aid's founder and principal consultant. With over 15 years of experience driving PR, communications, social media and content marketing for household B2B and B2C brand names including TurboTax, Mint, QuickBooks, easyfinancial, easyhome and Binance, Bryan can help you navigate complex industries and reputational issues.


Development of a comprehensive plan to convey your brand's messages effectively across multiple channels to achieve desired outcomes.


The strategic engagement with media outlets to foster positive relationships and secure high-quality media coverage for your brand.


Create a bespoke strategy to use online platforms to enhance brand awareness, foster customer engagement, and promote products or services.


Creation and distribution of valuable, relevant content to attract, engage, and retain a clearly defined audience, ultimately driving profitable customer action.


Management of your organization's communications aimed at critical stakeholders, including the public, government, and media, to influence public policy and opinion.


The practice of aligning all communication with the overall strategy to support organizational goals with consistent messaging across all channels.


Capture mentions of your brand, competitors, products, services, and industry trends. Uses your existing monitoring platform (ex: Cision, Meltwater).


Facilitation of a two-way dialogue between management and staff to foster a collaborative culture, informed workforce, and higher organizational productivity.


Creation of engaging, on-brand materials and media for events, from presentations to promotional materials, ensuring a consistent, impactful attendee experience.


Crafting and managing the dissemination of key messages from the leadership team to both internal and external audiences.


Coaching for high-stakes media interviews, including crafting key messages, developing Q&As, and rehearsing responses, to effectively represent your brand.


A custom strategy and help with execution to help you mitigate negative news and issues.

Explore the challenges and strategies for measuring ROI in Public Relations, including insights on Marketing Mix Modeling and the Barcelona Principles, in Bryan Tritt's article.

The growing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business has raised concerns among Canadians. This article, based on a piece originally published in Strategy, explores a recent survey of 600 Canadians, highlighting their worries about AI usage and their willingness to switch to brands that avoid this technology. It also delves into strategies for building consumer trust, emphasizing security, education, transparency, and adherence to recognized standards. Discover insights and practical steps for navigating the complex landscape of AI in business.

Canadians are growing increasingly wary of the use of AI in business sectors like finance, legal, and transportation. A survey by Brand Aid Public Relations Inc. reveals consumer concerns over privacy, security, and reliability when AI like ChatGPT has access to their data. The findings emphasize the need for businesses to enhance transparency and security in AI applications to retain customer trust.

Insights on relationship-building, aligning business goals, understanding customers, and more. Whether a large corporation or a small business, the principles discussed can be adapted to various scenarios, offering readers actionable takeaways even without listening to the podcast.