August 11, 2023

In a recent podcast, Bryan Tritt discusses various facets of Public Relations (PR). Topics include relationship-building, understanding customer needs, and the utilization of events and social media. The content offers practical insights and can be valuable to business owners, PR professionals, or anyone interested in the field.

Exploring Public Relations: A Conversation with Bryan Tritt

Public Relations (PR) is more than mere promotion. It involves building relationships, understanding customer desires, and choosing effective ways to communicate. In a recent podcast, Bryan Tritt shared insights on these subjects.

A central point from the discussion is that PR should focus on addressing customer problems, not only on promoting a product. Aligning business goals with both influencer interests and customer concerns can create genuine value.

Tritt also discussed the role of events in PR, highlighting how they can help build relationships with stakeholders, and the importance of earned media in enhancing a brand's image.

Moreover, he talked about strategies to understand customers better, such as tracking their behavior and conducting surveys. This information can be immensely helpful.

For those in smaller businesses wishing to apply PR methods, the conversation covered adaptable tactics, emphasizing the need for a clear strategy before implementing any plans.

Watch the full podcast here.