August 10, 2023

The world of AI is progressing at a rapid pace, offering exciting opportunities but also posing unique challenges to reputational management. Are we prepared for what's coming? Bryan Tritt, an expert in Communications & PR with vast experience in Fintech, Crypto, Finance, B2B, and B2C Tech, recently attended Collision, one of the world’s largest tech conferences. The insights he gathered prompted a thoughtful examination of AI's potential impact on our profession.

In his latest LinkedIn post, Bryan unpacks four major challenges that AI will introduce to the field of reputation management. From AI-generated misinformation to the balancing of automation and employment concerns, he emphasizes the need for new strategies and cross-functional collaboration to navigate this evolving landscape.

One intriguing example Bryan highlights is the false association of his former CEO with the CCP due to AI's misinformation. How do we combat such errors when there is no human involvement? What are the new tactics for public AI mistakes? And what does the future hold for security, privacy, and confidentiality?

Explore these questions and more by diving into Bryan's full article, where he provides a comprehensive understanding of the AI landscape and its implications for organizations.